About Business Continuity

People-Centered Business Continuity as a Competitive Advantage

Business Continuity is the ability to maintain operations/services in the face of a disruptive event. This disruptive event could be the departure of the CEO, a change in the marketplace, the crash of the organization’s ERP system, a pandemic virus, a hurricane, etc.

With this list of disruptive events, you can see that there are 3 main categories of disruptive events:
  1. Business (Operational, Business, and Market)
  2. IT / Business data
  3. Catastrophes
Most work to insure Business Continuity is done in categories #2 and #3.  This work is called “Business Continuity Planning” (BCP), and includes Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP).  BCP and DRP are process-oriented. They focus on the development of contingency plans and redundancies to faster recover from disasters or disruptive events.

On the other hand, People-Centered Business Continuity’s main focus is on category #1.  Category #1 business disruptions are the most common and consistent source of lack of continuity, and the most important source of loss of productivity. It is so common that many leaders see it as a natural cost of doing business.  ...Nothing could be further from the truth!

People-Centered Business Continuity is the foundation that gives resilience to the organization and its workforce and will allow the BCP and DRP deployments to take place in a cohesive and sustained fashion.