Organizations and Individuals Assessment

Providing Assessment Services for Individuals and Organizations

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The BusinessProfile-Matrix

Process to define the business profile (business vision) that will fulfill the organization’s key objectives.  It also creates a business vision that is immediately actionable by the workforce.  It can be used for small and large organizations, or departments of larger organizations.

The LeadershipFocus-Matrix

Process that reveals the Leadership Focus of the organization’s leader(s): what the leaders believe they need to “be” and “do” to make things happen.  It reveals how the leaders will support the business vision, purpose and key objectives of the organization.

The Culture-Matrix

Process that reveals the "Living Culture" of the organization’s workforce—what the workforce believe they need to “be” and “do” to be successful in their role, within the context of their organization.  It gives you what drives your workforce to do what they do and think what they think.

The ClientsSatisfactionDrivers-Matrix

Process that taps into the customers’ subconscious to reveal what drives the decisions and actions of the organization’s customers.   It also generates potential innovations that customers subconsciously desire, and that, when offered by an organization, would considerably increase their drive to buy.

The Strategy-Driven Training Transfer Program

Because Learning ≠ Transfer... The Strategy-Driven Training Transfer Program acknowledges, reveals and maximizes the positive influence of the four great influencers of training transfer: Your employees’ inner disposition to change (Conscious and Subconscious)—Self-Efficacy, Motivation, Attitude, Past Experiences, Values, Beliefs, etc., your employees' individual characteristics—Learning Style, Structure of Interpretation, Skills and Metaskills, etc., your employees' opportunity for transfer—Organizational Context, Perceived Control, Perceived Support, Desired Change, etc., and the training activity—Training Method, Content, Follow-up and Reinforcement Activities, Desired Learning, etc.