Performance Facilitation and Coaching

Transferring our expertise to our clients for them to become self-sufficient

Making Your Performance Enhancement Program Sustainable

Our focus is to ensure that any program you deploy is sustainable.  This means that you and your workforce:

  • Know and understand the program and its foundation
  • Have access to and know how to use the support tools and applications
  • Design and deploy a transfer strategy
  • Design and deploy an organizational improvement program
  • Design and deploy a self-directed professional development program
  • Learn to manage the program

With this service, we train the facilitator(s), train the trainer(s), and coach the coach(es).  We spend a few days per month with you and your team of coaches and facilitators, to transfer our knowledge and expertise.

This is an advantageous program, because it reduces
the cost of deploying state of the art Strategy-Driven Performance Programs to a minimum, while:
  • Building competence
  • Boosting ownership
  • Ensuring sustainability.